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Bonide Eight Garden Dust Insecticide The Bonide Eight Garden Dust Insecticide helps protect your garden plants and flowers from insects. This convenient and ready to use, green tinted garden dust will kill and repels over 55 listed insect pests such as ants, ticks, fleas, leafhoppers, earwigs, and aphids. To apply this solution, simply shake the refillable puffer applicator to fluff powder, open the container, and rapidly squeeze and release the sides of the canister. . Lightly cover all plant surfaces at the first sign of insects . Kills and repels virtually any insect pest common to home gardens . Also great for Japanese Beetles on roses and flowers . Colored green to blend with foliage . Controls over 55 different insects . Odorless, vegetable garden insecticide . Provides residual control of insect pests for up to 4 weeks Item Specifications: Size: 10 oz Coverage: Approximately 75 sq ft Method of application: Shake from canister Ingredients: Active: Permethrin 0.125% Other: 99.875% Ships Quickly! Manufactured by Bonide: Bonide has always been committed to providing the best possible solutions for Home, Lawn and Garden Pest Problems. This includes attractive, convenient, cost effective packaging and product selection second to none. We are also proud of our complete line of Garden Naturals. Effective, time tested solutions that Bonide has been marketing since long before it was "hip to be green".

Bonide Eight Garden Dust Insecticide

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